The highest quality. 

“KOKONOE” Optical-Glass Pitches are the refined products of established reputation that are on the highest quality level in the optical industry.

 A great variety of different grades. 

“KOKONOE” Optical-Glass Pitches are available in 28 grades in 5 systems for facilitation of an intricate polishing work.。

 使Hardness classification convenient of material selection. 

“KOKONOE” Optical-Glass Pitches can be immediately used whenever and wherever you need them because of subdivision according to their hardness.

 Operator convenience. 

“KOKONOE” Optical-Glass Pitches can be used without requiring the trouble of boiling them down before their uses, using your head, and without anxiety.

 Splendid efficiency. 

“KOKONOE” Optical Pitches give a reduction in polishing time, better results on optical glass, and double productivity.

 Necessary care to be taken on applying Optical-Glass Pitches. 

When using “KOKONOE” Optical-Glass Pitches, take care firstly to the heating temperature during heat-treatment. The exposure of “KOKONOE” Optical-G1ass Pitches to high heat over a long period of time may causes them to degrade. Use “KOKONOE” Optical-Glass Pitches at a temperature below 230.
Polishing Pitches can be used in a mesh process and also in an all-over sticking process.
Sticking Pitches can be used as dough pitches, stand pitches, and leg pitches

  • Although polishing conditions vary with the type of pulishing machines and also with the size, shape, and quality of the glass to be worked, a work-room temperature range of 19 to 25is suitable. Keeping the temperature of water used constant would give better results on the glass.
  • Too high polishing load is not desirable. The quality of our Pitches, however, is adjusted so as to polish optical glass over a wide polishing-,load range to meet the recent requirements of a higher-load and shorter-time polishing.
  • Polishing special quality glass requires readjustment of qtlality of Pitches. For example, a suitable mixture of a K-class Pitch with a KB-class Pitch is desirable for SF type soft glass.
  • Classification by uses shown in the Table of “KOKONOE” Optical Glass Pitches is only an example of that classification. Feel free to ask our pitch engineers any question you have on how to use “KOKONOE” Optical Glass Pitches, polishing conditions in using them, and the preparation of special pitches from them.
  • Our pitch engineers are always ready to make a trial preparation of a special pitch, manufacture it upon your request, and advise you on solving your technical problems in your pitch shop.
    Our services are quite at your disposal.



TABLE of Optical-Grass Pitches
Main Components Classes NO. Penetration Softing
Principal uses
Straight Asphalt K
1 0~5 100min General-purpose Ptches typical of polishes for optical glass which give highdegree of accuracy and which are easyto handle.
2 6~10 90min
3 11~15 80min
4 16~20 70min
5 21~25 70min
6 26~30 65min
7 31~35 50min
8 36min 50min
Wood KR


1 0~5 85min Though roughly the same in use as K-class Pitches, the products of the KR class are used especially for a flat po1ishing.
2 6~10 80min
3 11~15 75min
4 16~20 70min
Blown Asphalt KB


1 0~5 120min General-purpose pitches suitable for a high-load, shurt-time polishing.
2 6~10 110min
3 11~15 95min
4 16~20 85min
Resin KS


1 0~15 65min Polishing of special-quality optical glass and the optical glass which requires high degree of accuracy.
2 16~30 60min
3 31以上 60min


101 10±5 90±5 Lens sticking pitch and leg pitch. Grades 101& 103 : general-purpose pitches chiefly used respectively in summer and winter.
Grades 104 & 105 : generally used irrespective of the changes of the seasons and lens diameters.
Grades 106 & 107 : Feeding of pitch filling machines or polishing of special  lenses.
Grades 108, 109& 110 ; opticalglass sticking pitches used in a high-1oad, high-speed polishing.
103 15±5 85±5
104 25±5 90±5
105 45±5 80±5
106 10±5 95±5
107 25±5 85±5
108 5±5 130±5
109 15±5 120±5
110 30±5 95±5
Conditions of penetration measurements:
For Polishing Pitches ; for 60 seconds at 25℃
 undera 200-gr load.
For Sticking Pitches ; for60seconds at40℃
 undera 200-gr load.