KOKONOE SUPER COATS are highly viscous solutions manufactured by dissolving phenolic resin
in aromatic solvents and are most suitable for the protective coating which are capable of preventing the development of scratches and stains on the surface to be finish-polished of a lens.



  • SUPER COATS ar.e excellent in their adhesion to the surface of a lens.
  • SUPER COATS preserve their characteristics even when thinly sprended on a lens.
  • SUPER COATS spread on optical glass fast dry out and the resulting films are uniform in thickness.
  • The dried films from SUPER COATS are so hard that they prevent the development of scratches on optical glass.
  • The dried films from SUPER COATS are excellent in wear resistance.
  • The dried films from SUPER COATS are insoluble in alcoholic solvents, but easily soluble in hydrocarbonic solvents.


 Necessary care to be taken on Applying SUPER COATS 

  • When using a SUPER COATS, put its adequate quantity in another container and adjust to a desired viscosity with a diluent.
  • Use toluene as adiluent.
  • In spreading a SUPER COATS, use as soft a brugh as possible.
  • Store SUPER COATS in a cool and dark place.


Elements Viscosity Specific
Matter Content
Time at
Apperance Packing
25℃ (cps) 25℃ % 25℃ min
#3 phenol 125±25 0.96±0.01 16±1 4~6 Navy blue Net 3kg/can
#4 acryl 10±3 0.92±0.01 20±1 4~6 Navy blue Net 3kg/can
#7 polyester 25±3 0.91±0.01 17±1 4~6 Navy blue Net 3kg/can
#11 vinyl 125±25 0.82±0.01 13±1 3~5 Colerless
Net 3kg/can
Soluble in alcoholic solvents.
Use an alcoholic solvents or mixed solvent of alcohlic solvents and aromatic solvents as a diluent.